Listed below are a variety of articles that fall more under the “essay” category than the other “how to” articles.  Some are pulled from various publications I used to write for and others I wrote and added here just for the heck of it.  Some are informative while others are just for fun.  Enjoy!

Cecil’s Salmon – The glory and agony that goes with chasing big fish
Choosing Favorites – Thoughts about our favorite fishing places
Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t – Our complicated love/hate relationship with dams
Fly Fisherman Looks at 40 – A fly fisherman’s struggle with age and responsibility
Homemade Brookies – Why in the world go to so much trouble for a 7″ fish?
Paper or Plastic? – Contrasting bamboo and graphite fly rods
The Perfect Fly – The quest to create the perfect fly
Trout of the Smokies – A little history and info on our mountain trout