February 21, 2016

We’re still in the fishing doldrums time of year here, with cold water temperatures and slow, slow fishing.  But that spring light is starting to peak through at the end of the tunnel.

As a rule, we start to see good fishing when the water temperature hits 50-degrees and stays there for the better part of a few days.  We’re at about 45-degrees right now, but that will likely dip again this week as another cold front moves in.  We’ll bounce all over the place the next few weeks and probably have a few windows of decent fishing.  Those windows are nice when you live here and have a flexible schedule.  You can pick your days.  It’s a tough time if you’re coming from out of town and have to plan in advance.  Sometimes you get lucky.

We’ll likely start to see water more consistently in the 50’s by about the third week of March and as a result, more consistent fishing.  While there are always a few last temperature dips in April, it’s usually pretty consistent then.

Those early spring days are best spent in the lower elevations where temperatures are a little warmer and you can take advantage of some of the spring hatches.  For my folks that love to hit the high elevations and/or hike into the backcountry, hang on just a bit longer.  Those places ought to really get going by May, maybe even late April.